New Yoga City

Come find your avenue



                                 Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me


Yoga Challenge Winner Michele Mulvey

Be present everyday.....Meet us on the mat!



New: monthly unlimited classes $89 for monthly auto renew or $99 a month. 


New: Lunch time yoga 12:15 to 1:15.... Mornings too early and after work too late? An hour too long? no worry this sequence is flexible for those who need only 50 min of class.  Come find harmony for the body, mind and soul. Relax, re-engergize and refocus from the stresses of the workplace and home as you get a full body workout. You will find yourself invogorated for the rest of the day without that afternoon drag:)


New: Ashtanga Yoga Thursdays at 630pm.....A modified primary series with Robyn Shumer CYT.  Ashtanga is an athletic flow which focuses on a specific set of sequences.   This 90 minute method is designed to create heat, strength, and increase flexibility. Come learn this fabulous series in a safe place with a dedicated practitioner. All levels 


New: Kripalu Yoga certified instructor Stuart Davis will lead a donation class on Wednesday mornings.  This class will be a vinyasa flow style for beginners and all levels!  Any donation amount will be given to Embrace Kids Foundation. Wednesdays 830am



Teen Yoga: Stress management, decision making, concentration, all these things and more what todays teens are up against.  Yoga helps them control these issues as they learn self acceptance and a conncetion to others. Besides the physical benefits, yoga teaches teens techniques to cope with the unique issues they are faced with every day.  This is a place for teens to come and learn about themselves with no judgements and no expectations. Starting...Sunday's April 27th 1:30 to 2:30 pm with Ashley




New: Core Stretch.....starting with abs to create a strong foundation and ending with stretches to help lengthen your muscles.  Saturday 11am



Check out our Yoga Club!  You pick the theme of the practice and the location.  Personalize your practice with your own group of friends in a new location each week or the same one.  We welcome the use of our cozy space as well.  Groups of 6 or more inquire for details at the studio!  Runs for 6 weeks $110 per person



       New Yoga City is the building right after the old Davids Bridal building.  There is a sign that says East Brunswick Proffesional Building.  It has the address 223 on it.  Pull into that parking lot and enter through the main doors.  Up one flight of stairs and enter the first door on the left!  See you soon :)     

        We offer many classes each week from beginner to advanced, flowing to meditative, rockin' yoga to donation classes!  There is always something for everyone!  Bring your smile and your laughter with you to class we love to explore our fun side inside and out!